If helping humanity shift from it’s current ‘empire era’ to a more peaceful, collaborative ‘planetary era’ is part of your goals, I want to highly…

If helping humanity shift from it’s current ‘empire era’ to a more peaceful, collaborative ‘planetary era’ is part of your goals, I want to highly suggest the next round of the “Bright Futures Now” online course.
I just ‘graduated’ last weekend and easily recommend this insightful, very affordable, tool-packed experience. Probably the best part is that you’ll connect to a group of about 20 other bright, caring, diversely gifted people from around the world…and then when it’s over you get a ‘lifelong membership’ to connect to the wider BFN network of around (currently) 120 others.
The teacher/facilitator is Robert Gilman of the Context Institute and I trust both his heart and mind as a leader.
I believe there are only a few more spaces left for the Course starting in April, so check it out and see if it feels like a good fit. I’ll put more info below :)
It’d be great to have you as part of the network as I have a hunch I’ll be getting involved and collaborating more myself in the near future.

“Progress”, “Change” & “Evolution”

“Progress”, “Change” & “Evolution”.
Do you believe in a general evolutionary trend towards the betterment of humanity, and hopefully all creatures, with some major losses along the way? Or the opposite? Or do you believe that life is simply constant change, ups and downs, small or big, that benefit certain species & sub-groups at one time, and then another, depending on how a conscious ‘awareness’ is choosing to look at and frame reality in any given moment?
I’ve recently had some of my assumptions on this topic challenged & unsettled, and so I’m reconsidering my own imagining of how things have been, as well as how they are now and might unfold in the future (both on a micro “my life” level and on a macro “our planet and beyond” level.)

Tapping away at @starbucks between meetings, and two women (so far) have politely interrupted me to ask ‘WHERE’ I got my bag

Tapping away at @starbucks between meetings, and two women (so far) have politely interrupted me to ask ‘WHERE’ I got my bag…little did they expect me to say it’s a craft-y effort to empower displaced Syrian women. Thank you @RaniaKinge (and hat tip to @TEDWomen for introducing!) for making the world a better place.
More info: https://www.raniakinge.com/collections/i-love-syria and https://proudmary.org/pages/who-we-are

Though I am still blocked from sending invites (grumble grumble ‘I skim faces too fast’ algorithm grumble) – please join us at this year’s 35th…

Though I am still blocked from sending invites (grumble grumble ‘I skim faces too fast’ algorithm grumble) – please join us at this year’s 35th Anniversary celebration of Alonzo King LINES Ballet!
Either join us for the full gala dinner and auction (DM me!), or come for per-performance cocktails and the premiere ballet. I’d love to share Alonzo’s work with you. (And if I know you’re coming, happy to tee up introductions!)

Come and indulge your inner Tin Man

Come and indulge your inner Tin Man…! On March 17th, put on your Emerald City best and join me at the Alvarado School’s 25th annual auction – it’s a massive silent auction, casino night, and live auction. (In other words, come and have fun eating/drinking and shopping the silent auction with us!) Oz-style cocktail attire encouraged.
PSA: The Alvarado School Auction is the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year, supporting all of Alvarado’s academic enrichment programs. This event is made possible by the generous support of many small and large businesses near and far, and the hard work of our parent volunteers. All funds raised directly support every PTA-funded enrichment or student development program, including science, math, art, music, literacy, physical education, technology, school supplies, gardening, field trips, and so much more. BRING YA DOLLAS!


in this amazing book, #Battir designs twice the Modern World through its visionnary experiment ? #MappingBattir is a creation arising from the #Palestinian #Civil #Society to express its #Territory between #Geodesy and #Art
Battir stays a Laboratory of Ideas working worldwide.
93 Artists From Around The World Designing Our Space and Territories #SendPoints Editor, China 2016… a world editorial project involving publishers all around the world
@Sendpoints drove this wonderful project involving us by its side, with many other publishers concerned, from Beijing and Shanghai besides the headquarters in Guangzhou… Publishers worldwide, including Eslite Bookstore in Taipei, PAGEONE in Singapore, PIE in Japan, TASCHEN in Europe, Thames & Hudson and Phaidon in the Britain, Pepin, Index, etc.
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Good morning classic colleagues

Good morning classic colleagues. Permit me to clear the air on the issue of "Money from Governor to players" in Akwa Ibom State. Immediately after the interactive session with the Governor, some of our colleagues who are professional enough, swung into investigations, and these are what their discoveries are:
1) that the said money was approved by the Governor. But the seemingly long chain of processes for the release of the cash is apparently endless.
2) the commissioner admitted that the certificate of occupancy for the house’s promised are with him.
3) The title winning coach Zakary Baraje now with Plateau united confirmed that he has not seen anything the Governor promised them.
…And these are my thoughts:
1)The Governor promised super Eagles ten million naira and, in a jiffy, the money was disbursed. Prophet continuously lacks respect only but at home.
2) Sports world over have been made an independent body with sovereignty starting from FIFA, CAF, UEFA etc. But up until this moment NFF is still an appendage of the Sport ministry, which will make the characteristic spontaneity that comes with sports slow down and hamper its development. Take for example, For as long as the federal Government didn’t sign budget things weren’t moving; sports sector inclusive.
Therefore, sports must be excised from the encumbrances that comes with governance in Nigeria, if not, affliction will continually be on the rise.
3) The robustness of other countries’ economy has helped sports funding. For instance, Golf and Motor sports; here companies like Kia, Toyota, Nike, Adidas, Ferrari and other multinationals take up the funding because the interface provided by government will help them make their profit. In Nigeria, how many multinationals can boost of annual turn over than can bankroll sports comfortable without us still needing Government assistance. In Akwa Ibom, we have companies like Peacock paints champion brewery and Mobil, and I can’t wait to see them take up CSR of funding sports. Exception of mobile, I don’t remember another company I can give a pride of place in Sport sponsorship.
Next football season will come on board, and we should be thinking in the direction of creating a fabric company that will be responsible for producing jersey for clubs and doing same for fans.
The list is endless. But my salient point is that the continuous annexing of sports to Government will not allow this industry grow. If you doubt my submissions ask Nolly Wood.
Edikan Inim.

Time for an active off season

Time for an active off season. François D’haene came to the US with a group of his friends to support him setting a FKT on the John Muir Trail and they’ve stayed around afterwards to relax and visit many of America’s great National Parks to cap off 2017. To finish off the trip he called up the Coconino Cowboys Jim Walmsley, Tim Freriks and Cody Reed to meet up in their backyard of the Grand Canyon as he carried his kids 17 miles on the Cowboy Loop. Tim and Cody made a workout of the meetup on the South Kaibab (Cody did a Kaibab lap and Tim did two for a 26 mile/10,000′ Kaibab Marathon preparing for the North Face 50) while Jim enjoyed his offseason hiking with Francois and his group, catching up on their race together at UTMB, the John Muir Trail, Diagonale des Fous, and their 2018 plans (Jim made sure to remind him the Hardrock lottery is currently open). Find quality camping and outdoor products from top brands and at competitive prices @ Sunny Sports and get discount with following Sunny Sports Promo Code, sunny sports coupon!

This last Sunday marked a week since a horrible monster

This last Sunday marked a week since a horrible monster ascended from the depths of hell and took so many beautiful souls. These souls filled with pure enjoyment of life, Gods wisdom, and the innocence of children are abundant here on Gods green Earth. Each one taken was so unique and special that all of us with an open heart cry out and can never forget the vengeance witnessed through this senseless violence. I myself don’t subscribe to causes, explanations, or solutions such as these killers suffer from a mental illness like so many diagnosed and undiagnosed, or the availability of guns and even type of guns is where the threshold lies to permit them to go through with these horrific events. It was today when I was listening to some music which serves many outlets for me, including a source to express emotion and feelings. This was the only time I came across a sacred gospel song performed during an acoustic set by the Grateful Dead back in 1969 at the McFarlin Auditorium of the Southern Methodist University located in Dallas. Because of this event I want to pair with the lyrical meaning of this song I will refine from mentioning what a throw back it is to think such a liberally motivated band in a time of major social revolution would alter their usual repertoire of songs to include one with denominational roots of biblical celebration, just because of respect for the audiences’ denomination and culture feelings, and today with the violent tension of today’s college atmospheres (but I guess I did!). So please take a moment to enjoy this message of beauty in life and in death, the peaceful atmosphere at this youthful Grateful Dead concert at the S.M.U. in Dallas, and to read the lyrics I’ll include so the message is not over looked in this quick three min song. Which is part of an unbelievable concert featuring an acoustic set followed by a Rock n Roll electric set like so many from the great year of 1969. The whole show I will include below in the comments section in great sound quality in lossless FLAC format you can download straight from my MSN cloud account and check the checksum files which are documented if concerned about completeness of content in text, except for two jpeg files copied from net. Peace and Meaning…
"The Master’s Bouquet"
- Written by Carter and Ralph
"Death is an angel sent down from above
Sent for the flower and the lilies we love
Surely its so for in heaven’s own way
The soul is a flower in the master’s bouquet"
"Gathering flowers for the masters bouquet
Beautiful flowers that never decay
Gathered by angels and carried away
Forever to bloom in the master’s bouquet"
"We must be thankful till last work is done
Moving away in the warmth of the sun
But every bud and each blossom someday
Will bloom in the master’s bouquet"
- God bless those who lost a part of them to this horrible massacre and Godspeed to the ones who are hurt and trying to heal in a hospital.
- Link to SBD version of whole concert in Lossless Flac format uploaded to my MSN account. Enjoy FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $50 at lucky brand promo code.